History of ITHET

Recent advances in technology have significantly impacted education. The convergence of information and communication technologies has enabled implementation of computer aided and multimedia based techniques. Education that is traditional, mass-produced, highly controlled, static and rigid, cannot cope. There is greater demand for higher education, with the need for ever increasing amounts of information, knowledge and expert reasoning. Consequently, we see an ever increasing use of IT in teaching and learning.

The UNESCO Chair of Mechatronics at Bogazici University, Istanbul initiated a conference series in 2000. The conferences were called Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training ITHET.

Conferences held to date with links to live web sites

                  1. ITHET 2000: Istanbul, Turkey

                  2. ITHET 2001: Kumamoto, Japan

                  3. ITHET 2002: Budapest, Hungary

                  4. ITHET 2003: Marrakesh, Morocco

                  5. ITHET 2004: Istanbul, Turkey

                  6. ITHET 2005: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

                  7. ITHET 2006: Sydney, Australia

                  8. ITHET 2007: Kumamoto, Japan

                  9. ITHET 2010: Cappadocia, Turkey

                  10. ITHET 2011: Kusadasi, Turkey

                  11. ITHET 2012: Istanbul, Turkey

                  12. ITHET 2013: Antalya, Turkey

                  13. ITHET 2014: York, UK

                  14. ITHET 2015: Lisbon, Portugal

                  15. ITHET 2016: Istanbul, Turkey

                  16. ITHET 2017: Ohrid, Macedonia

                  17. ITHET 2018: Olhao, Algarve, Portugal

                  18. ITHET 2019: Magdeburg, Germany

Almost all of these conferences enjoyed the technical co-sponsorship of IEEE, IES and EdSoc. The proceedings have appeared on IEEE Xplore. Prestigious institutions such as the American Society of Engineering Education, the European Society for Engineering Education, the International Society for Engineering Education and the European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering, have extended their technical co-operation to ITHET, and encouraged their members to participate. The involvement of the UNESCO Chair of Mechatronics at Bogazici University, has enabled the conference to proudly carry the UNESCO logo.