Past Plenary Speakers

ITHET conference series have had the honour of hosting renowned Plenary Speakers over the years. See listed below:


  • Professor Sirin Tekinay, Chair (GEDC), Board Member (IFEES, SEFI)

  • Prof. Fae Martin, Deputy Dean Learning and Teaching, School of Engineering and Technology at Central Queensland University

  • Prof. Marilyn Wells, Head, College of Information and Communication Technology, School of Engineering and Technology at Central Queensland University


  • Keith Bowman, University of Maryland Baltimore County, US. Changing Learner Contexts: Implications for Equity, Inclusion and Career Success.

  • Janusz A. Koziński, Brock University, Canada. Reflecting Megatrends and Future Skills in Higher Education.

  • Matthew W. Ohland, Purdue University. US. Monitoring and Improving Student Team Experiences.


  • Stephanie Farrell, ASEE President-Elect, Rowan University, US. Spatial Skills Training – Supporting Access and Equity in STEM Education.

  • Luis Gomes, University Nova de Lisboa & UNINOVA-CTS, Portugal. Remote Laboratories Role Within Engineering Education.

  • Piet Kommers, University of Twente, Netherlands. Beyond the Learning Perspective.

  • Anthony Ward, York University, UK. Measuring and Certifying Generic Skills: Should We and Can We?


  • Robin Braun, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Can We Use New Ways of Modelling Complex Systems to Optimise Student Learning?

  • Rob Reilly, IEEE Education and Computer Societies, US. You Can Receive the Nobel Prize!

  • Sirin Tekinay, Isik University, Turkey. If All the Books in All the Libraries Talk to One Another: What Technology Can Do for Education?


  • Stephanie Farrell, Rowan University, US. Cross-Cultural Exploration of Spatial Visualisation Abilities of First Year STEM Students.

  • Arnold Pears, Upsala University, Sweden. The Rise and Fall of MOOC: What Can we Learn About the Education of the Future?