Past Plenary Speakers


The plenary speakers of ITHET 2021 are yet to be decided. (ITHET 2020 will now occur in 2021.)

ITHET conference series have had the honour of hosting renowned Plenary Speakers listed below:


  • Keith Bowman, University of Maryland Baltimore County, US. Changing Learner Contexts: Implications for Equity, Inclusion and Career Success.

  • Janusz A. Koziński, Brock University, Canada. Reflecting Megatrends and Future Skills in Higher Education.

  • Matthew W. Ohland, Purdue University. US. Monitoring and Improving Student Team Experiences.


  • Stephanie Farrell, ASEE President-Elect, Rowan University, US. Spatial Skills Training – Supporting Access and Equity in STEM Education.

  • Luis Gomes, University Nova de Lisboa & UNINOVA-CTS, Portugal. Remote Laboratories Role Within Engineering Education.

  • Piet Kommers, University of Twente, Netherlands. Beyond the Learning Perspective.

  • Anthony Ward, York University, UK. Measuring and Certifying Generic Skills: Should We and Can We?


  • Robin Braun, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Can We Use New Ways of Modelling Complex Systems to Optimise Student Learning?

  • Rob Reilly, IEEE Education and Computer Societies, US. You Can Receive the Nobel Prize!

  • Sirin Tekinay, Isik University, Turkey. If All the Books in All the Libraries Talk to One Another: What Technology Can Do for Education?


  • Stephanie Farrell, Rowan University, US. Cross-Cultural Exploration of Spatial Visualisation Abilities of First Year STEM Students.

  • Arnold Pears, Upsala University, Sweden. The Rise and Fall of MOOC: What Can we Learn About the Education of the Future?