Registration Fees

The above fees cover:

  • Conference attendance

  • Conference material (book of abstracts, workshop USB proceedings, gifts)

  • Coffee breaks

  • Conference welcome cocktail

  • Conference dinner (Student registration does not cover the workshop dinner)

  • Lunches at the conference venue (as in the program)

Important Notes:

  1. If only a student is registered for a particular paper, then a full (not student) fee will be required.

  2. The fee for co-authors is half of the full fee. This category is for co-authors attending the conference and only when the paper is being presented by another author who pays the full fee.

  3. In ITHET conferences, the authors are not encouraged to present multiple papers. Instead, they are expected to present the best of their work and participate actively in the sessions, taking part in the discussions. Because of this, the registration fee is for the presentation of one paper only. If due to some reason, a second (maximum) paper is to be presented, a token fee is to be remitted for that paper.

Payment methods:

  1. All registrations and payments are done via the ConfTool website. Please go to

  2. The preferred payment method is Credit Card through the Stripe system.

  3. Bank Transfer is also available via the website.